Get Lost... for Free!

For a limited time, help yourself to a free e-copy of the first book in the series, Lost in Transition. Not just the first two chapters. Not a teaser. Not a book that ends at a major cliffhanger. The entire first book


Book One: Lost in Transition

This ragtag bunch of bickering teens isn't what Joan Sinclaire had in mind for her first command. Nor is serving refreshments aboard the Union's new teleporting ship her idea of an actual mission. But all that changes when a routine test flight turns into a deadly ambush, killing the rest of the crew and stranding the ruined vessel in an alien dimension... (more)


Book Two: When Worlds Collide

As their battered ship hurtles across the dimensions of reality, Joan and her friends continue the hunt for the missing artifacts they hope will return them home. Making new allies and facing treacherous adversaries, the line between friend and foe becomes blurred as the crew must also deal with mutinous plots from within their own ranks... (more)