About the Series

The Adventures of the Bone Creek Brigade is a "clean teen" adventure fantasy series filled with colorful characters and original settings. Throughout the course of the books, these youths learn the values of trust, friendship, and sacrifice as they bounce through a myriad of strange worlds in their quest to get home. While magic and melee are part of the storyline, they don’t drive the tale. Rather, it's the protagonists' cooperation and ingenuity that makes the difference. With mild to moderate violence and no profanity, drugs, or sex, the Adventures of the Bone Creek Brigade is suitable for all teens. The brisk-moving plot is filled with thrills, chills, humor, and heart that will entertain readers from twelve to ninety two.


Genre: Teen and young adult fantasy adventure
Age: 11+
Language: Mild
Sex: N/A
Consumerism:  N/A
Drinking: Some, as part of a celebratory meal
Smoking: N/A
Violence: Mild to moderate


About the Author

Born into this world naked, defenseless, and unable to properly diagram a sentence, Jerry overcame two of those three handicaps to become a (reasonably) productive member of society. Jerry is an award-winning author who made it into Time magazine’s 2013 issue of 100 most influential people. (Well, sort of. The award was for perfect attendance in kindergarten, and his letter to Time’s editor got published in that issue.)

He has a wife and two teenaged daughters, who lovingly put up with his tall tales and bad jokes. When not cooking, writing, hanging with his family, or working on some other project, Jerry enjoys talking about himself in the third person. wink



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