Trapped in time. Stranded in space. Late for lunch.

This ragtag bunch of bickering teens isn't what Joan Sinclaire had in mind for her first command. Nor is serving refreshments aboard the Union's new teleporting ship her idea of an actual mission. But all that changes when a routine test flight turns into a deadly ambush, killing the rest of the crew and stranding the ruined vessel in an alien dimension.

Now Joan and her rookie crew face a gauntlet of bizarre challenges in a wild ride across multiple worlds. With tempers flaring and mistrust abounding, the teens must learn to work together as a team if they want to survive. Can a timid archer, a fussy wizard, a hot-tempered gadgeteer, a goofball acrobat, and a bumbling swordsman overcome their differences? Whether it's playing a perilous game of capture the flag, outfoxing demented robots, or crashing a coddled giant's birthday party, these unlikely heroes will have to use all their wits to make it home in time to save their world.

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